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Start Retirement With a New, Improved Mouth

When you reach the age where you start thinking about retirement, you may think about the relaxation and extra time for travel, spending time with family and pursuing favorite hobbies. One thing you're probably not thinking about is dental care -- and how a lifetime of dental care, likely with different dentists, may have left you with mismatched teeth and an imperfect bite.  

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A Dental Visit Before Cancer Treatment Can Help Prevent Infection

Radiation therapy is one of the most common treatments used by medical professionals to eliminate cancer cells. The National Cancer Institute says that nearly half of all cancer patients are treated with radiation at some point in their treatment cycle. It works by damaging the cells’ DNA in order to stop them from dividing and destroy them.

There’s a lot of information available for patients regarding what to expect when faced with this intense treatment option, but not much on how it affects the teeth and mouth of patients.  Head and neck radiation can cause a number of complications when it comes to oral health. These include:

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Snoring Can Tear a Marriage Apart

 Loud, obnoxious snoring. It’s an issue that comes up in sitcoms and television shows with increasing regularity. The audience laughs on cue as the spouse covers their head with a pillow and tries to fall asleep next to a gasping and snorting partner. But how funny is the true reality of this situation for the spouse of a snorer?

According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, 90 million Americans snore and up to half of them are snoring due to a sleep disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This condition is characterized by gasping, snorting or snoring during sleep. This occurs because the airway is blocked which causes the patient to stop breathing for several seconds up to thousands of times a night.

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Swedish Researchers May Have the Key to Treating Cold Sores

Recurrent aphthous stomatitis. Known also as canker sores. Those red, painful spots or ulcers that appear on the inside of the lips, on the tongue or inside the cheek and make talking and eating painful or difficult. Sufferers of canker sores know the pain of this condition all too well. Researchers at the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden are working to change how canker sores are treated by identifying potential causes of the condition

Treatments for the condition usually include topical analgesics to reduce or numb the pain, and in many cases, just waiting for the sore to go away on its own. Canker sores are also hard to distinguish from cold sores. As a result, they are also often treated with the same antiviral medications used for the treatment of cold sores. 

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Can Chewing Your Food Fight Against Illness?

Researchers at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom report that the act of chewing food stimulates the body to produce cells critical to the body’s defense system against infection and illness. These cells, known as T helper 17 or Th17 cells are part of the body’s adaptive immune system, which fights off harmful disease causing bacteria. Researchers have known that these Th17 cells are produced in the digestive system and the skin amid good bacteria, but they did not know how or why these cells were produced in the mouth.

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