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This New Toothbrush is Taking the Internet by Storm

The world’s first, fully automatic toothbrush is here and it’s taking the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter by storm. The revolutionary toothbrush concept, Amabrush, has raised over $1.4 million after setting an initial goal of $57,052.  

How the Toothbrush Works

According to the Amabrush Kickstarter page, with the press of a button, the mouth guard-shaped toothbrush cleans teeth in just 10 seconds. The creators' goal was to develop a faster and more efficient way to clean teeth to save time while also maintaining oral health. 

Rushing through brushing and not paying attention to technique leaves teeth vulnerable for decay, said Dr. Amy Norman, DDS, a leading cosmetic dentist in Everett, Washington.

"We’re lucky if a patient even brushes for 60 seconds even though we recommend three minutes, or 180 seconds, twice a day," she said. "So we love the idea of any tool that can safely help people take better care of their teeth. Taking proper care of your teeth on a daily basis is really the best thing you can do to prevent problems with your teeth and gums."

The Amabrush is made of three parts: a mouthpiece, a hand piece and a toothpaste capsule. Just like with electric toothbrushes, the mouthpiece needs to be replaced every three to six months and after illness to keep bristles in optimum condition for cleaning. A magnet connects the mouthpiece and the hand piece so that they’re detachable. There’s no need to worry about constantly replacing the toothpaste capsules either as each one is designed to last for over a month and they’re FDA approved. They come in three varieties: fresh, whitening and sensitive.

One Amabrush for the Whole Family

Because the mouthpiece and hand piece are made to be detachable, there’s no need to buy multiple devices for the same household. Each person needs his or her own mouthpiece, but the hand pieces can be shared among couples and family living in the same home. At the moment, only one size is available and is for ages 14 and up, but the company has plans for a child-size version in the future.

Living Up to Dental Health Standards 

According to the Amabrush site, its creators put a lot of time into research to ensure the product is safe and accommodating to all mouth shapes and sizes. The mouthpiece is made of a flexible material to provide comfort for many jaw sizes, including the different structures of the male and female jaw. The bristles are formulated at the recommended 45-degree angle to the gum line with bristles that are soft and pressure that the creators describe as light. Gum damage is a real concern for those who don’t take gentleness into consideration, Norman said.

"Soft bristles and a light touch are so important when it comes to caring for your teeth and gums," she said. "Many people just think about scrubbing those teeth to get the bacteria off but forget about the poor gums being pulverized in the process. It’s very important to floss and clean gums, but to prevent receding gums you must be gentle."

The first batch of Amabrushes are set to be shipped to those who have backed the campaign by December 2017. A pilot group for testing the device will receive their brushes in October 2017 so the creators can receive feedback before the final push of products to the public.

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