The Smile of Youth

Cosmetic dentistry can give you back the smile of your youth. In the 1990s, patients brought us photos of their favorite celebrities so we could give them a smile to match. But these days, patients are bringing in photos of themselves in their youth. We love that we are given the opportunity to give patients back their very own smile from days past!

Here at Dream Smile, we use cosmetic dentistry to perform full-mouth rejuvenation, sometimes called smile makeovers. We design a custom smile plan based on the things you love most about your smile and the things you’d like to see change. Dr. Norman will go over all the materials available and the options for each individual treatment as a part of your overall plan. We work as a team to help you achieve your dream smile!

It’s not only about looks, though. Our full-mouth smile rejuvenation plans take into consideration form and function, as well. Having a beautiful, healthy smile with proper alignment and expertly done fillings, crowns and other individual parts of the whole is of utmost importance to Dr. Norman.

Here are a few patient transformation stories to help you understand the process and how life-changing it can be. Click on each patient’s name to learn more about their story.


After one of her grandchildren asked why her teeth were "dirty," Cynthia decided it was time to take matters into her own hands and pursue the smile she’d always dreamed of. Not only did she achieve her smile dreams, but she also found relief from head, neck and shoulder pain she didn’t even know was dental related.  


A lifetime of travel as a flight mechanic and pilot left Chuck without the time and resources to keep his smile looking sharp. Now his once painful, cracked and discolored smile looks brand new, and he’s looking and feeling younger than ever!


Ruthie found herself with a mouth full of mismatched dental work from years of fillings and crowns from different dentists. Now, not only does her smile look amazing, but her oral health is also the best it’s ever been.

To learn more about how you can get your dream smile through full-mouth rejuvenation with Dr. Norman, call our office today at 425-212-1975.


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