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Patient Transformation - Victoria

Victoria's Story


Victoria was in college at the age of 20 when she decided it was time to get serious about fixing her smile.  But, her experience talking to dentists about getting a beautiful smile full of straight teeth was not going well.  “I had a severe overbite that sometimes caused me pain,” Victoria said. “I also never smiled with my teeth. I tried to hide them as much as possible.”

The consultations she was having with dentists and orthodontists were not going well.  “I wanted to use Invisalign,“ Victoria said. “I didn’t want to be the girl in college who had braces.  But I wanted straight teeth!”  In her consultations, the orthodontists dismissed the idea of Invisalign, telling her it would not work for her. “They all focused on what was wrong and how bad it was,” Victoria said. “Nobody was telling me what they could do for me.  They all were telling me I need to pull some back teeth to get started and I knew that was not necessary.”

Victoria knew what she wanted. On the Invisalign web site, she noticed the closest Invisalign dentist was Dr. Norman.  And, what a difference she found with Dr. Norman’s approach.  “Dr. Norman is really friendly and seemed genuinely interested in my life goals and my goals for my smile. We were on the same page about what I wanted to happen with my smile and she did a really great job working with my teeth.”  And, Dr. Norman told her how Invisalign could work for Victoria. ”When Dr. Norman said we didn’t have to pull any teeth, I was like… lets do it!”


The Invisalign process took about a year but Victoria was amazed to see results almost right away. “There was an almost immediate change,” Victoria said.  “In the first few aligners (which took a few months), I noticed my teeth straightening.  I especially noticed that my eye teeth were perfectly straight in around four or so months.”

Through the process, Dr. Norman kept Victoria’s goals in mind. Victoria told her that she wanted to have an engaging smile that would not hold her back making friends, relationship and networking connections as she was in college and soon entering the work force. “Dr. Norman made suggestions to add to the process.  Made my smile even more appealing,” Victoria said.  “She took the time to get to know me and that made a huge difference.”

Throughout the process, Victoria needed no teeth pulled and the Invisalign worked perfectly.  Victoria’s research and dedication to her vision had paid off.


“I don’t even remember what it’s like to not be able to smile without my teeth!” Victoria said.  “I had to get used to smiling with my teeth.  I look at pictures now and I’m not embarrassed by my teeth.”

Victoria no longer feels like her smile holds her back. And, she is feeling a great new confidence in her pursuits. “My new smile has helped bring out my personality. It’s helped give me a lot of confidence. Before I was really self-conscious in general and my teeth did not help.”

Victoria says she feels like everything in her life is moving in the right direction. She recently graduated from The University of Washington and her new job at a Seattle advertising agency is going well. “I don’t know if everything would have come together as well without my new smile,” she said.

And, Victoria gives a lot of thanks to Dr. Norman and her Dream Team. “I would definitely recommend her and her team to anyone,” she said. “And, I do recommend her.  I totally trusted her and it was so worth it!”

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Patient Transformation - Cynthia

Cynthia's Story


Cynthia was interested in cosmetic dentistry.  After a lifetime of crooked teeth, she was beginning to experience issues with her gums caused by her crooked teeth.  And, then one of her grandchildren asked her a question that made her think.

“One of my grandchildren asked me why my teeth were so dirty,” Cynthia recalled.  “My teeth just have a yellow cast naturally so they looked dirty to a child.” So Cynthia started looking around for a cosmetic dentist.

“I wanted straighter, whiter, stronger teeth,” she said. “I thought first braces, then veneers.” So Cynthia sought out a cosmetic dentist. She never gave any thought to the fact that the persistent head, neck and shoulder pain she experienced all her life could be treated successfully treated by a dentist who could also fix her smile.


“I just loved Dr. Norman and her Team,” Cynthia said. “She really explained things well to me.” Dr. Norman did a full examination on Cynthia, uncovering the TMJ disorder that was causing Cynthia’s chronic pain. “After the consult, I knew they would be my Dream Team because they didn’t just want to slap on braces and whiten my teeth. They helped me have a healthier set of teeth and alleviate my issues of clenching and headaches.”

“I thought the daily headaches in the morning were just life as usual for me” Cynthia said.  For decades she lived with an undiagnosed problem called bruxism, the grinding and clenching of teeth when one sleeps.  “I didn’t know any different,” Cynthia said.  “I can remember my sister waking me up when we were kids because I was making noise in my sleep grinding my teeth.  Until I met Dr. Norman, I just lived with bruxism for decades.”

So, Dr. Norman helped Cynthia identify how to fix her bruxism, treat her gum issues and get the smile she always wanted.  Four gum grafts, an orthotic to align her jaw and upper veneers were ahead for Cynthia.


“My experience with Dr. Norman? Fabulous! But, wait, Dr Amy Norman deserves more than one word! She listens, she takes time to explain, and makes sure you are comfortable throughout the entire process and procedure! As well as does the rest of her Dream team!”  Cynthia is thrilled with her results

“I wake up every morning with no pain or pressure in my head, ears or shoulders! My teeth are straight, stronger and whiter and I feel I can laugh and smile again without hesitation.”

And, Cynthia has advice for anyone with head or neck pain. “Go get a consultation! If you suffer from headaches, neck, ear or shoulder pain go see if it is because of your teeth grinding/clenching. I never realized that could be the problem nor did any of the other dentists I saw! I could have suffered less if I would have visited the Dream Team sooner! If you want straighter, whiter teeth they can help with that too!”

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Patient Transformation - Sam

Sam's Story


For a 13-year old boy, Sam endured a lifetime’s worth of migraine headaches. The problem started in the second grade. For years, debilitating headaches affected all aspects of his life. Often the migraines would start on Mondays and it wasn’t unusual for Sam to spend afternoons trying to rest at home on the couch rather than out playing or having fun with his friends.

“About 3-4 days a month, Sam would come home early from school,” said his mother. “It forced him to miss sport practices and social activities. It was really hard on him.”

Sam’s parents started what would be a long journey to find the right kind of doctor to help their son. They began with a respected neurologist but after some diagnostics, they did not like what they heard. “We thought his answer was to put Sam on drugs. We knew that was not the right answer, him living his life on medications. We were determined to get to the root answer.”

They tried doctors. They tried naturopaths thinking it might be Sam’s diet. And, then they began trying chiropractors. And that is where they found an important clue that eventually led them to Dr. Amy Norman.


Sam found some relief after visiting a chiropractor but the migraines persisted. “After seeing a chiropractor we found with a specialized adjustment, Sam’s headaches became more and more focused and centered around his jaw,” explained his mother. “That’s how we realized his bite and jaw alignment were involved. That’s when we started looking for dentists and found Dr. Norman on the Internet.”

Dr. Norman’s training and experience treating TMJ (tempromandibular joint disorder) with Neuromuscular dentistry was about to change Sam’s life. His parents’ work to find the answer for his migraines had yielded more questions than answers. So, they really appreciated their first conversation with Judy from Dr. Norman’s Dream Team.

“I had a really great initial phone call with Judy,” Sam’s mother said. “She completely understood Sam’s situation. I was really impressed with her interest and compassion. She sounded like Dr. Norman could offer some genuine hope to help Sam.

And Dr. Norman did. She diagnosed Sam with TMJ and designed a neuromuscular orthotic, a prosthetic that fits comfortably in Sam’s mouth to place his jaw in the proper alignment.

Sam and his parents had found the root answer to his pain problem.


“Dr. Norman’s mouth-piece was the final piece in the puzzle,” Sam’s mother said. It has been about a full year since he had the mouth orthotic and since he has only had a few headaches and he only needs two advils to cure them.”

Now 13, Sam has the normal life of a teenage boy. No longer plagued by debilitating headaches, he plays sports, has a full social life with friends and is doing well at school. His parents' commitment to finding the real answers has saved him a life of pain medication and chronic pain.

“The biggest problem with treating TMJ is diagnosis,” said Dr. Norman. “Sam’s parents did a great and diligent job many people do not do to find the cause of the pain. TMJ is one of the most difficult issues to diagnose because the symptoms do not always point to the jaw. This is why I offer Neuromuscular Dentistry. I wish more people with chronic pain in the head, neck and upper body would look into Neuromuscular dentistry before choosing to simply mask symptoms with pain medication. I’m so glad Sam’s parents went the extra mile for him!”

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