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Custom Comfort Plans for Each Patient

A trip to the dentist doesn’t have to be something to dread. Here at Dr. Norman’s office we are transforming the experience one patient at a time. At the core of our efforts is a custom comfort plan tailored to each patient’s needs. A few of the highlights include:  

  • Music from the patient's favorite Pandora station
  • Room preset to the patient's preferred temperature
  • Heated blanket, if desired
  • Complimentary nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for those with dental anxieties


We don’t want any patient to experience barriers to the care they deserve. In an effort to overcome those barriers, we try to remove every negative trigger in our practice that could create anxiety from a previous dental experience. A couple ways we do this include:

We don’t wear white coats.

Nothing screams medical office like white lab coats. While we do dress professionally in our office, we want you to feel comfortable and at ease, and we believe that white coats detract from your experience and ability to relax.

We make sure it doesn’t smell like a medical office. 

Smell is one of the top memory triggers. Although there is no one specific smell that signifies a medical or dental office, the sterile smell of latex gloves and cleaning supplies seems to be common. To combat this trigger, one of our staff members, Judy, arrives early every morning to bake fresh bread. Not only does it smell wonderful and homey when you walk in, but you also have a delicious snack waiting for you. We know many of our patients have to skip lunch to come to their dental appointments.

At the end of the day, creating a positive relationship with our clients and giving them a relaxing environment in which to receive their care are our top priorities. If you are in need of a new dental home that understands the negative experiences you may have had in the past, we would love to have you. Please give our office a call at 425-212-1975.

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