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"When I Grow Up I Want to be a Dentist!"

Dr. Norman knew from a very early age exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up. While many children desire to be astronauts, teachers or even superheroes Amy knew that none of those would do. When she was in just the fourth grade, Dr. Norman decided that her future would be dentistry. At nine years old, she became committed to providing her future patients with high-quality care and treatment after a negative experience at a dental appointment. Even at that young age, she had the compassion to help people and the heart to know she should make them feel comfortable and happy while doing it. With this determination, Dr. Norman became a dental assistant by the time she had graduated high school! As she says, "the rest is history" when she describes her path and her dedication to providing quality dental care to her patients. “I live my dream each day - changing smiles and changing lives. When your job is also your passion, you never work a day in your life."


Providing high-quality dental care while giving the patient a positive and comfortable experience is definitely Dr. Norman’s passion. Aside from providing preventative and general dentistry services, Dr. Norman provides many additional treatments to meet the needs of her patients. Her goal is to provide a one-stop shop of dentistry for her patients, and since each patient's visits are personalized to meet their dental and emotional needs they are happy to stay. These additional services include periodontics to treat gum disease like periodontitis, orthodontics to straighten teeth correct bite malocclusion, and tooth whitening to beautify grins. Dr. Norman and staff offer neuromuscular dental treatments for patients with advanced issues like TMJ and sleep apnea. Neuromuscular dentistry is a specialization in dentistry that focuses on making sure the bite is properly aligned and targets the impacts a maligned bite can have on the rest of the body.

She takes the extra time to listen to her patients to find out what exactly they are looking for and why. She takes in all aspects of the patient to design and make over their smiles. Dr. Norman enjoys helping her patients achieve their dream smiles, at any age! In fact, many of Dr. Norman’s patients are older adults looking to improve their smile’s aesthetic and regain their confidence.

Dr. Norman is also passionate about innovation in dentistry and is committed to educating herself on new techniques and technologies that are coming into practice. Her entire staff seeks out opportunities for continuing education to sharpen and acquire new skills.

"I am one of the lucky few because my job is also my hobby. I look forward to work and am blessed to work for people and with people that bring me joy. It is my vow to never ever take for granted the trust placed in me when a new guest joins our dental family."

Are you ready for a dental experience like no other you've had before? Dr. Norman and her staff treat you like an individual and not just another patient. Hear more of her story directly from Dr. Amy Norman in her videos on Facebook! If you would like to know more about Dr. Norman and the services she provides, call her office to set up a consultation today. She would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have about dentistry. She can be reached at 425.212.1975.

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