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5 Habits Wrecking Your Teeth


  1. Grinding Your Teeth
    Also known as bruxism, grinding your teeth is one of the worst things you can do to your mouth. Grinding wears your tooth enamel down gradually, which can cause pain and increase sensitivity. Tooth grinding typically happens at night, and usually a result of stress. You can prevent grinding by wearing a mouth guard at night.

  2. Chomping on Candy 
    Crunching away on hard candy can definitely damage teeth – for two reasons. The first is the pressure exerted on the tooth from crunching the hard candy, and second, sugary foods encourage bacterial growth in the mouth. Gummy candies and chewing gum aren’t exactly safe, either. They are also full of bacteria-loving sugar and can cause damage to restorations like fillings by pulling them out of place.

  3. Using Your Teeth as Tools Your teeth are for chewing. They are not for opening packages, cracking hard shells, or opening bottles. Using your teeth in place of scissors or other tools can cause teeth to crack or break.

  4. Bad Beverages
    You already know that sodas and other beverages can cause damage by promoting bacterial growth or causing staining, but there are other drinks that can cause damage, too. Fruit juices and sports drinks may seem health but are often full of sugar. Skip these sugary options and opt for plain water instead.

  5. Leaving Your Mark
    Chew marks that is. Chewing on pens, pencils, and other objects not designed to be chewed on can damage your teeth and cause them to break and crack.

For more information on these and other dental damaging habits, talk to Dr. Norman at your next check up. Be sure to schedule your next appointment today by calling 425.212.1975.

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Patient Transformation: Madison


Feeling confident and comfortable with your smile is something every patient wants, even our younger patients. Fourteen-year-old Madison felt insecure about her smile and rarely looked forward to having her school pictures taken each year. Her mother, Kandice, recognized this was an issue for her daughter and began researching dentists for Madison to visit. When Kandice took Madison in for consultations to see if she would be a good candidate for braces, she was shocked by the recommendations she received.

"We had [several] consults, and other practices that we visited in the area just wanted to pull teeth and put braces on to straighten the smile," Kandice said.

Kandice knew this wasn’t the route she wanted to go for her daughter, so she continued her search for a dentist who would help Madison obtain the dazzling smile she wanted without the invasive nature of tooth extractions. When she found Dr. Amy Norman, she knew it was the right fit. They chose Dr. Norman after their very first consultation.


After visiting with other dentists who recommended tooth extraction for Madison, Kandice was relieved to find a dentist for her daughter who didn’t suggest that approach. Dr. Norman carefully evaluated Madison before making a recommendation on a treatment plan that would give her the results she wanted.

Dr. Norman recommended neuromuscular orthodontics in the form of braces as well as teeth whitening and gum re-contouring to give Madison a smile she could feel confident about. When Madison began her treatment plan, she knew the end goal was to give her a beautiful, healthy smile.

"I had pretty small teeth, and I had a bite that could have caused me to have migraines later in life," Madison said. "I got my braces put on in sixth grade, and I had those on for two and half years."

Throughout those two and half years, Madison saw Dr. Norman and her staff countless times to ensure her smile was shaping up the way they had laid out in her treatment plan. Madison and her mom could talk to Dr. Norman about any questions or concerns they had along the way. At each visit, Dr. Norman was meticulous about making sure Madison was happy every step of the way.

"They’re really perfectionists, and they did really well with fixing every minor detail of my smile," Madison said.


With her treatment complete, Madison’s smile looks completely different. Dr. Norman’s approach not only straightened Madison’s teeth, but it realigned her bite, helping prevent the development of serious health issues like TMJ or chronic migraines later in life. While aesthetically, Madison’s smile is brighter and straighter, it’s also functionally healthy. And thanks to gum recontouring, her "pretty small teeth" are now more prominent.

"I’ve seen such a major change, and I’m really happy with the work that they’ve done," Madison said. "I feel more confident. Having a nicer smile just makes you feel better. I really appreciate Dr. Norman’s work, and I’m so thankful my parents could find a doctor like her."

Kandice is equally happy with the results and is glad that she chose Dr. Norman to improve her daughter’s smile. She’s recommended Dr. Norman to several people, and each person has been more than happy with their experience.

"I believed in Dr. Norman and knew that she had the best interest of Madison and making her smile the best that it could be," Kandice said. "She is the BEST; very approachable, down to earth and wants each patient to feel special and satisfied with their experience in her office."

One of the highlights for Kandice is seeing how this experience has transformed her daughter.

"The change on the outside is amazing, but the change that it gave Madison on the inside in how she feels about herself? I would do it all over again in a heartbeat," Kandice said. "Madison feels so much more confident in her smile and as a result is much happier. Having her school pictures this year was actually an exciting experience rather than a time that she did not look forward to."


To help her daughter, Madison, feel confident in her smile, Kandice sought out a dentist that could help Madison love her smile. After consulting with multiple dentists who all recommended tooth extraction to accommodate braces, Kandice found Dr. Norman. Dr. Norman’s approach didn’t include tooth extraction, which was a plus for Kandice. After an initial consultation, Dr. Norman developed a treatment plan for Madison that included neuromuscular orthodontics in the form of braces, teeth whitening and gum recontouring. Today, Madison finally loves her smile, and those once-dreaded school pictures are something she now looks forward to every year.

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