Dr. Norman successfully treats chronic head and neck pain.

Are you in chronic pain?

The Consultation

It is common for doctors and dentists to miss diagnose TMJ.  Dr. Norman can properly diagnose and treat TMJ.

Learn about how restoring proper muscle and jaw function can eliminate chronic jaw pain.


With proper diagnosis, life-changing treatment options become available.

Do you know someone who has TMJ?

The Experience

Dr. Norman’s team is experienced in helping people in pain. It makes for an easier experience for the patient.

We can help if you have chronic headaches.


It’s amazing how someone’s life can change when chronic pain disappears.

Treating TMJ at the source changed Tiffany’s life.

Orthodontics in Everett, WA

Tiffany’s Experience

Dr. Norman successfully treats chronic head, neck and jaw pain.

Tiffany came to us with terrible headaches and pain. After some testing, Dr. Norman determined that orthodontics would be the answer to relieving Tiffany’s pain. 

Adults considering orthodontics have a lot of choices these days. For some, adult orthodontics may be a patient’s first experience with braces. Others may have had braces as a teenager but stopped wearing their retainer, allowing their teeth to move out of position. In either case, Dr. Norman and her team help patients determine their options for straighter teeth or possible TMJ treatment through orthodontic. This was Dr. Norman’s approach for Tiffany.

“I actually like the way my Invisalign aligners feel, it feels weird when they are not in my mouth, so complying with the wear-time instructions Amy gave me was easy.”


Tiffany was motivated to get out of pain and Dr. Norman explained her options in a consultation. Dr. Norman offers orthodontic services that can properly align a patient’s bite if teeth are not straight, if teeth are crowded or if the patient‘s bite is misaligned. 

Dr. Norman offers many options depending on a patient’s orthodontic needs. Each case is different but the process can take months or years. Following the completion of treatment, many patients wear a retainer to hold the teeth in place while the bone permanently reforms around the positioned teeth. Tiffany felt prepared for treatment and moved forward.

In Tiffany’s case, orthodontia was able to move teeth into position to relieve dysfunction in the temporomandibular joint. This caused TMJ pain for Tiffany that showed up as head and jaw pain. The method of orthodontics Dr. Norman used for Tiffany focused on the relationship between muscles, jaw joints, and teeth. When properly aligned, the teeth function in harmony with the jaw joints and muscles. Dr. Norman assesses current function compared to optimal function among these three important elements. With this precise instrumentation, the guesswork is taken out of determining the correct jaw and bite position to alleviate TMJ. This information is then used to determine orthodontic treatment. With this degree of precision, we can make specific alterations in your bite to affect the entire system of muscles, jaw joint, nerves and teeth using orthodontics.

By using  testing to determine the degree to which a patient’s bite should be realigned, Dr. Norman treated Tiffany’s TMJ pain with orthodontics in a non-invasive fashion. And, as the pain began to subside, Tiffany was so glad about her choosing Dr. Norman to be her dentist. “I so appreciate how she is carefully moving my teeth while keeping my jaw happy and my headaches at bay,” Tiffany said. 

”I’m so glad I decided to have Dr. Norman do my braces,” Tiffany said. “My headaches were debilitating. She was able to get me back my life, now that I am doing braces to fix the problem,

Orthodontics by Dr. Norman eliminated Tiffany’s pain and the experience of treatment made Tiffany very happy. “I am thrilled that she respects my decision to stay with natural choices,” Tiffany said. “Kerry, one of Dr. Norman’s assistants also is having Dr. Norman do her braces too so she has been such a comfort in this process.”

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