If you are afraid of dental work, we can help you.

Avoiding the dentist because of anxiety will lead to worse dental health.
We have options to help you.

Options for Sedation

Don’t let fear compromise your dental or overall health.

Depending on the treatment you need and your level of anxiety, Dr. Norman has sedation options that will help you take the fear out of your dental visit.

Ask us about sedation dentistry today.

Worry-free Sedation Dentistry in Everett, WA

We understand if you have anxiety about dentistry. We can help.

Judy has worked for Dr. Amy Norman for many years. She’s seen many people come with urgent dental work because they put off coming in for dental appointments because of fear of the dentist. “It’s a common thing,” Judy said, “some people are afraid of getting dental work done. But that‘s no reason to do without dental care! We have sedation dentistry!”

Dr. Amy Norman offers options for sedation dentistry to patients who have a fear of undergoing dental work. Conscious sedation is a safe and effective way of minimizing pain and anxiety for patients who are apprehensive about receiving dental treatments. In some cases, sedation dentistry is the difference between whether someone will choose dental care or let their dental health go. Dr. Norman is focused on your experience being soothing and relaxing, even if you have fear of dental procedures.

Patients who receive conscious sedation can expect to feel deeply relaxed and even sleep through their dental treatments. In fact, few patients have any memory of the procedures performed. If you have fear or anxiety about getting necessary dental work performed, please talk to Dr. Norman about why sedation dentistry can put you back on the road to a healthy smile.

“If you put off your dental care or getting a filling filled, it is only going to get worse,” said Judy. “If you’ve got some fear, give our sedation dentistry options a chance. You’ll be glad you did!”

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