Patient Transformation – Cynthia

Cynthia’s Story


Cynthia was interested in cosmetic dentistry.  After a lifetime of crooked teeth, she was beginning to experience issues with her gums caused by her crooked teeth.  And, then one of her grandchildren asked her a question that made her think.

“One of my grandchildren asked me why my teeth were so dirty,” Cynthia recalled.  “My teeth just have a yellow cast naturally so they looked dirty to a child.” So Cynthia started looking around for a cosmetic dentist.

“I wanted straighter, whiter, stronger teeth,” she said. “I thought first braces, then veneers.” So Cynthia sought out a cosmetic dentist. She never gave any thought to the fact that the persistent head, neck and shoulder pain she experienced all her life could be treated successfully treated by a dentist who could also fix her smile.


“I just loved Dr. Norman and her Team,” Cynthia said. “She really explained things well to me.” Dr. Norman did a full examination on Cynthia, uncovering the TMJ disorder that was causing Cynthia’s chronic pain. “After the consult, I knew they would be my Dream Team because they didn’t just want to slap on braces and whiten my teeth. They helped me have a healthier set of teeth and alleviate my issues of clenching and headaches.”

“I thought the daily headaches in the morning were just life as usual for me” Cynthia said.  For decades she lived with an undiagnosed problem called bruxism, the grinding and clenching of teeth when one sleeps.  “I didn’t know any different,” Cynthia said.  “I can remember my sister waking me up when we were kids because I was making noise in my sleep grinding my teeth.  Until I met Dr. Norman, I just lived with bruxism for decades.”

So, Dr. Norman helped Cynthia identify how to fix her bruxism, treat her gum issues and get the smile she always wanted.  Four gum grafts, an orthotic to align her jaw and upper veneers were ahead for Cynthia.


“My experience with Dr. Norman? Fabulous! But, wait, Dr Amy Norman deserves more than one word! She listens, she takes time to explain, and makes sure you are comfortable throughout the entire process and procedure! As well as does the rest of her Dream team!”  Cynthia is thrilled with her results

“I wake up every morning with no pain or pressure in my head, ears or shoulders! My teeth are straight, stronger and whiter and I feel I can laugh and smile again without hesitation.”

And, Cynthia has advice for anyone with head or neck pain. “Go get a consultation! If you suffer from headaches, neck, ear or shoulder pain go see if it is because of your teeth grinding/clenching. I never realized that could be the problem nor did any of the other dentists I saw! I could have suffered less if I would have visited the Dream Team sooner! If you want straighter, whiter teeth they can help with that too!”