Patient Transformation – Taushka

Taushka’s Story


For nearly ten years, Taushka visited all kinds of doctors trying to diagnose and treat the headaches, dizziness and sinus issues. She saw many doctors including Ear, Nose & Throat doctors, allergists, general practitioners and dentists but they all diagnosed her with sinus issues. They were all treating the symptoms and Taushka said “I always had prescriptions for antibiotics, and steroids but never a diagnosis for the real source of my problems.”

“They all told me I had really bad sinus infections,” she said. “But I knew it was more than that. It was too painful and it took its toll on me. When you are living life and you have headaches every day, you just want to stare out the window. You just want to make it through the day like anyone else in pain.”

It wasn’t until she started doing her own Internet research that she came across Dr. Amy Norman and her success over 25 years of treating TMJ. Taushka immediately knew from Dr. Norman‘s web site and from her first moments at Dr. Norman’s practice, that she was visiting someone who knew how to take away her pain.


Taushka’s first impression of Dr. Norman’s practice was “Wow! It was so much like a spa-like atmosphere. Very relaxed and nurturing. And, her (Dr. Norman’s) knowledge of dentistry is extreme! She is very knowledgeable and she cares!”

Visiting Dr. Norman for a consult with her husband, Taushka got a feel for how Dr. Norman and her Dream Team help patients through the process of treating their TMJ. “The facility was beautiful!” Taushka said. “In the consultation room, both Dr. Norman and Judy talked to me together. Dr. Norman went over the procedure and Judy was there to answer our financial questions. You go in wondering if it’s going to work and how are we going to pay for it, but they help you understand the hows and the whys.”

So, Taushka proceeded with treating her TMJ, feeling fully confident in Dr. Norman and her Dream Team’s capabilities to offer her long-lasting help.


Taushka began to feel the effects of her treatment from Dr. Norman in a few weeks. “I’ve had dramatic results just from the orthotic phase (the first phase of treatment), Taushka said. “Less headaches, less facial pain, less anxiety, my jaw doesn’t pop any more ad I have a lot more drive to accomplish things!”

With the later phases of her treatment to go including braces, Taushka knows she made the right move… especially since she has not had any sinus issues in more than 8 months.

“Its been a great experience,” she said. “I wish they did other medical care! Dr. Norman really cares and I wish she could be my doctor for everything!”