Jane wanted a positive experience with her periodontal care. Angie from Dr. Norman’s team made a great first impression.

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The Patient Experience

At Dr. Norman’s practice, we treat patients like valued guests.
Heated blankets and headphones help make the experience of dental care seem less clinical.

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Regular professional cleanings reduce the chances of cavities and gum disease. 

Gum disease is linked to other health problems such as heart disease.

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Periodontal Care

Periodontal disease can be managed with laser treatments. Your gums are a natural defense for your body against infection. Keeping them healthy is a priority.

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Jane looks forward to her dental care with Angie. When patients are eager for their professional dental care, they are more likely to maintain healthy oral health.

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Periodontics in Everett, WA

Jane’s Experience

Professional cleanings reach places you can’t with your home care.

Jane came to Dr. Norman’s office for routine cleanings and an exam determined she had gum disease. Jane required periodontal care. She was familiar with this treatment from her past experience. “My last hygienists… I don’t want to be negative… but my last hygienist was horrible. My gosh! It hurt like crazy and I dreaded the lectures.”

”… I don’t want to be negative… but my last hygienist was horrible.”


After meeting Angie from Dr. Norman’s team, Jane’s concerns about treating her periodontal disease went away. “The contrast to my experiences here is dramatic,” Jane said of her treatment at Dr. Norman’s office. “First off, she (Angie) remembers that I have a big arch to my neck and she surprised me once with a heated neck roll that I loved. Now she automatically has it warmed and ready for me every appointment. I can tell when she is almost done with my cleanings and I hate it because I have to give back the neck roll, the heated blanket and the headphones. Can you believe it? She even remembered that I really liked movie soundtracks so she made a custom play list for me to listen to during my cleaning. I mean seriously…how can she be that good at her job AND keeping me comfortable?”

With her concerns about the ease of her treatment behind her, Angie can focus on the importance of periodontal care. Dr. Norman offers periodontal treatments to avoid or treat gum disease. Gum disease is a common problem in both children and adults and can be easily avoided with proper home cleaning and routine dental check-ups. However, there are many cases when this is not done properly and the result can be serious.

There is a proven correlation between gum disease and heart problems. And, there are obvious threats to your teeth and mouth when periodontal care is not performed. A laser can be used to effectively treat early and moderate periodontal or gum diseases. With laser treatments, Dr. Norman can selectively remove diseased tissues while leaving healthy tissue untouched. The laser also can sterilize the gum pockets and remove scaling in order to promote healing. Laser treatments are an excellent way to manage periodontal care. And, when the gums are healthy and free of inflammation, disease does not spread from the mouth to other parts of the body.

Patients receiving periodontal care, like Jane, can see and feel the difference with improved periodontal care. “Truly, I look forward to my cleaning appointments,” Jane said. “Since I started seeing Angie at Dr. Norman’s office, I haven’t had any more bone loss or recessions. My mouth has never been healthier.”

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