10 Signs It’s Time to See an Orthodontist

​There really is no set age for a child to start seeing an orthodontist. That said, most orthodontists would recommend that kids make their first visit around age 6 to 7, when the permanent teeth start replacing the baby teeth.

But that’s not always the case. Some children need to see an orthodontist earlier in life to get a jump start on treating orthodontic challenges. Read on for the top 10 signs your child may need to see an orthodontist, no matter what their age.

1. Your child appears to be losing their baby teeth too early in their childhood.

2. Your child appears to be losing their teeth too late in their childhood or in a way that seems abnormal.

3. Your child has a misalignment that seems to be making biting or chewing difficult, uncomfortable or painful.

4. Your child won’t stop sucking on their fingers and thumbs when they probably should have stopped.

5. Your child’s teeth appear to be misaligned or crowded.

6. Your child is breathing through their mouth instead of their nose.

7. Your child frequently bites his or her cheek during meals.

8. Your child’s jaw appears to shift occasionally or makes clicking or popping sounds.

9. There are major gaps and spaces between your child’s teeth.

10. Your child’s teeth appear too small or too large for their face.

As soon as you start noticing any of the signs mentioned above, you’ll need to schedule a visit to your orthodontist to discuss the situation and what can be done to make sure your child maintains a beautiful smile into adulthood.

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