3 Reasons to Avoid Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings are one of the most controversial topics in dentistry today, and for good reason. Dr. Norman finds problems in over 90 percent of the amalgam fillings she removes, further proof that these fillings are dangerous for your health and your teeth. Here are three reasons to avoid these fillings and replace them with safer, more effective alternatives:

1. Broken Teeth 

Amalgam fillings, sometimes referred to as silver fillings, cause fractures and cracks in teeth for a few different reasons. The material expands and contracts due to temperature changes, meaning there is constant change occurring in a tooth with a filling of this kind. This causes the tooth to weaken and eventually break. In addition, the drilling and prep needed to place one of these fillings destroys part of the healthy tooth and leaves it more vulnerable to cracks and fractures.  

2. Mercury

Mercury, which makes up about 50 percent of an amalgam filling, is a toxic substance. It’s a known neurotoxin and reproductive toxin. Exposure to the substance doesn’t just occur when the filling is placed – as temperature changes occur or the tooth is used to chew, vapors are released into the mouth and body. The most vulnerable groups to amalgam’s toxic nature are children, pregnant women, breastfeeding infants, people with allergies and those with kidney problems.

3. Corrosion 

Amalgam fillings are made of metal. About 50 percent of the filling is mercury, 30 to 40 percent silver and 10 to 15 percent tin. Metal corrodes. When this material is placed in the mouth, corrosion can occur, which places the tooth in danger.

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