Another Reason to Wine

​Those who love wine hardly need an excuse to enjoy a glass (responsibly of course) from time to time. But what if it could actually help us avoid things like a sore throat and even dental decay? Well, according to this study, it can!

Inspired by a study done in the 1980s that examined the antibacterial properties of beverages including soda, water, milk, beer and wine, researchers conducted a new study that looks into the antibacterial properties of wine. For the record, out of all the beverages in that study done in the ’80s, wine showed the most promise for antibacterial properties.

The new study, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, found that several organic compounds in both red and white wine were responsible for killing dental bacteria and the bacteria responsible for causing sore throats in some cases. These compounds include lactic, malic, succinic and tartaric acids. Although both red and white wines have an antibacterial effect, red wine is slightly more effective in this area.

The research found that isolating those compounds outside of the wine showed the most promise, so there does seem to be something in the wine that dampens the effect to some degree. It’s also important to remember that these same acids found in wine do also soften the enamel, which is the outermost layer of teeth. Wearing away of the enamel over the years can lead to yellowed and weakened teeth.

To keep teeth safe, be sure to rinse with water after enjoying your glass of wine and don’t hold the wine or other similar drinks in the mouth before swallowing. The longer the surface of the teeth is exposed to the substance, the more the enamel softens and the longer it takes to restore the proper pH balance to the mouth. It might seem like a great idea to brush right after your glass of wine, but brushing teeth while enamel is softened actually is the worse thing you can do as it increases the risk of enamel erosion. So wait 20 minutes after your glass of wine and just enjoy a nice swish of water in the meantime.

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