Are Dental Implants Safe? A Brief Look at Safety and Risks

So, you’re considering dental implants? The thought of getting something inserted into your jawbone could worry anybody.

But how worried should you actually be about getting dental implants? Are dental implants safe? Even if they are, to what extent can their safety be guaranteed? We’ll explore this and more in this blog.

Are Dental Implants Safe or Not?

Dental implants have been around for a long time now. The technology has become so advanced and sophisticated that implants are truly one of the most profound developments in dental history. The implants themselves are built to last and offer the same functionality, integrity and safety as real teeth. Well-trained professionals know how to place the implants properly for a perfect and natural fit.

Are There Still Risks?

Granted, even though dental implants are very safe, they are still like any other surgery. When you go to a professional with extensive knowledge of the procedure, the odds against success are extremely small. Dental implants have an average success rate as high as 99 percent!

But just like every other surgery out there, dental implants are not without risks or complications.

Ordinarily, the risks include:

  • Damage to nerves in the surgical area
  • Sinus problems
  • Infection
  • Implant rejection
  • Allergies to the replacement materials

However, the risk decreases with the level of experience of the surgeon and the efficacy and reliability of the placement method used. The more experienced your dentist, the less risk there is to worry about!

What About Titanium Dental Implants?

Dental implants are mostly made from zirconia or titanium with titanium being the more popular choice. The affordability and durability has made titanium the top choice for most dentists.

Although titanium dental implants are safe, there are still a few risks. Chief among them is titanium allergy.

Some patients may not be aware that they are allergic to titanium, which can cause complications. If you know you are allergic, be sure to discuss this with your dentist before pursuing implants.

Titanium implants are generally safe and feel very much like your natural teeth.

If you’re interested in learning more about dental implants, you should also be aware that certain lifestyle habits and conditions can affect your suitability for the procedure. If you’re contemplating getting a dental implant procedure, schedule a visit or contact us today at 425-320-0702.