Are Dental X-rays OK During Pregnancy?

​Pregnancy is both an exciting and challenging period for moms-to-be, with the body going through a lot of changes. This means that for generations moms-to-be have been told to take special care and consideration when doing just about anything, including simple things they frequently did before pregnancy, like eating sushi, coloring their hair and, yes, getting X-rays.

Expectant moms should always take extra care of their teeth to avoid dental risks such as pregnancy gingivitis. But while taking care of the teeth seems simple, what about getting dental X-rays during this period?

Dental X-rays and Pregnancy

The American Dental Association and the American Pregnancy Association have established that the radiation exposure involved in dental X-rays is very low and not enough to cause any harm to either the baby or the mother. Thus, it’s safe to say that getting dental X-rays at any point during pregnancy is absolutely safe.

That’s not all! The lead apron that is usually placed over you before the X-rays are taken also offers another layer of protection to further minimize your radiation exposure during the process.

Talk to Your Dentist

Although there’s no harm in undergoing dental X-rays during pregnancy, some people still prefer to limit their radiation exposure during this time. It makes sense to discuss your pregnancy with your dentist as soon as you know you’re pregnant.

Many women also prefer postponing dental X-rays until the end of the first trimester. The first trimester is believed to be the most important developmental stage for the baby. While it is not medically necessary to wait until the first trimester is over to have X-rays done, discussing a treatment plan that works for you with your dentist will certainly give you peace of mind.

Dr. Norman and the Dream Smile team can work with you to develop a treatment plan that you’re comfortable with. You can count on us to keep our eyes on your health and your baby’s. To schedule a visit, contact us at 425-366-7983.