Deep Bite: Causes and Correction

When teeth are obviously crooked or crowded, many people know to seek orthodontic treatment to correct the issue. But, patients are not as likely to seek out treatment or be overly concerned about their deep bite or overbite issues. Many might not even know what a “deep bite” is or why it is a problem, but dental professionals would argue that this issue warrants the same attention as other orthodontic or bite issues. Deep bites and overbites can lead to problems with your overall oral health over the years.

So what is a deep bite, and how is it treated? Read on to find out.

Deep Bite Definition

A deep bite is basically a type of malocclusion where the upper front teeth greatly overlap the bottom front teeth when the mouth is closed. A deep bite might not always cause aesthetic issues, but it usually points to another underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

Causes of Deep Bite

A deep bite can be caused by one of three distinct factors. The first and most common is a lower jaw that is shorter than the upper jaw. The other cause may arise from a lower tooth that is missing. The condition appears somewhat similar to having a smaller lower jaw. The third and least common cause is strong biting muscles, which may deepen the bite. This is most common among people who often grind their teeth.

Correcting a Deep Bite

There are a lot of reasons why it makes sense to correct an overbite. Although there is the advantage of looking better, leaving a deep bite untreated can leave the lower front teeth damaged from a gradual wearing down over time. It could also lead to the development of sores and ulcers in the roof of the mouth. Another very serious issue that can happen with an overbite, underbite or deep bite is when the jaw becomes misaligned and causes TMJD, or temperomandibular joint disorder, to set in, causing jaw pain and further damage to your oral health.

The complications associated with having a misaligned bite and potentially suffering from TMJ disorder now or in the future can be severe, so getting treatment as soon as possible is always the best solution to save time, potential pain and money.

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