Dental Health Tips for Seniors

Maintain good dental health is critical at any age, especially considering your dental health is connected to your overall health. The greatest fear for most seniors is the possibility of losing their teeth as they age. With the right dental care, this, as well as many other dental challenges, can be properly checked. Below are a few tips that will help seniors keep their smiles long into their golden age.

Maintaining Healthy Gums and Teeth

The same good dental health practices you’ve maintained throughout your youth should not be neglected as you age. The basics include brushing twice and flossing once every day, doing away with smoking as well as sugary drinks, and seeing your dentist regularly.

If you’re having issues cleaning your teeth due to poor eyesight; using brighter bathroom lights and/or a magnifying mirror will prove very helpful. If you struggle with brushing and flossing due to mobility issues or joint pain, there are many products on the market to make things easier. Dental visits are also very important so your dentist can quickly identify dental health risks while also taking proactive measures to neutralize the risk.

Denture Care for Seniors

If you wear dentures, you should ensure they are kept clean and hygienic. Along with this being important for your dental health, it will also help them maintain their perfect fit and stay comfortable. They should also be taken out at night so the mouth lining can stay healthy.

If your dentures become loose or uncomfortable, you should speak with your dentist right away. The gum ridges in our mouths tend to shrink with age. This may cause dentures that were once comfortable to become loose, which may affect your ability to chew properly, affect your smile or facial shape, and make certain areas of your mouth sore. You can either use dental implants to stabilize the dentures or, better still, replace them altogether.

What to Do About Gum Recession

Older people may also have challenges with their gums as a result of recession. Gum recession can cause infections, tooth sensitivity and tooth loss. While gum recession is irreversible, with proper hygiene and gum care, it can be halted. Flossing regularly will help rid the mouth of plaque, which is an major cause of gum recession. Maintaining proper hygiene and adequate dental care will help you keep your gums, teeth and dental health in top condition.

What to Do About Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is ordinarily not a part of the natural process of aging. However, certain medications often cause this condition in seniors. A dry mouth has less saliva, making the teeth prone to decay. If you experience dry mouth, speak with your dentist for advice.

Keeping your dental health in top condition as you age can be challenging, but with proper hygiene and tooth care, you can keep that smile through your golden age.

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