DIY Dentistry Can Be Dangerous and Ridiculous

It’s no secret that YouTube is full of dumb and dangerous ideas, considering the recent Tide Pod challenge that made headlines. One such idea is so dangerous that teens have lost their teeth because of it.

DIY Braces

There are a few different methods shown in YouTube videos about how to straighten your teeth with items you have around the house. The most popular one seems to be a method that uses small elastic hair ties. DON’T DO THIS! Many teens have lost teeth because the elastic bands slid up the teeth and got embedded in the gums, essentially strangling the tooth or teeth the bands were wrapped around. Not to mention there is no way to effectively straighten teeth at random. Professional dentists and orthodontists have specialized training in how to straighten teeth for an optimal bite.

Mail-Order Straighteners 

Another DIY dental trend is mail-order teeth straighteners. A number of companies offer to send you clear aligners that are supposed to straighten your teeth over time. The problem is, there is no true professional dental supervision. Many patients who want straighter teeth simply aren’t good candidates for clear aligners, which can throw off a person’s whole bite and even cause serious problems such as tooth loss.

Stick-on Veneers

This type of DIY dentistry isn’t dangerous, but the results are pretty ridiculous. These stick-on veneers claim to be one size fits all and essentially stick to teeth in order to create the illusion of a perfect smile. If you notice on the commercials and product packaging, the models are always standing very far from the camera so you can only see their smiles from a distance. Up close, these stick-ons look as ridiculous as they sound.

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