Don’t Be a Stranger!

​You have probably heard plenty about the importance of dental visits, but what many people don’t know is exactly why these appointments are so critical to not only their oral heath, but also their overall health. Still, some people would rather wait until they have a serious dental health issue before they call their dentist.

Prevention is always better than treatment, and regular dental visits will easily help you nip most of these issues in the bud even before they become obvious or a problem. Below are a few reasons why you should regularly visit your dentist.

Promote Better Dental Hygiene

Regular dental visits may involve professional teeth cleaning.

These often involve the use of “scale and polish” to remove plaque and tartar, both of which are culpable in gum disease, tooth decay and other conditions that may threaten your dental health.

With regular visits, you’ll easily avoid these.

Prevent Imminent Dental Issues

When you hold a mirror in front of you, you can see what your teeth look like. But you won’t see what’s happening underneath the teeth and within the gums.

While dentists can help in treating dental issues, they can also help you identify potential risks so they can be properly addressed even before they become an issue. This won’t, however, be possible without regular dental visits.

Check for Mouth Cancers

Regular dental visits may involve your dentist checking your mouth for mouth cancer as well as the head and neck for lumps that may prove to be cancerous.

Your dentist would usually check for red and white patches within the mouth. Although these checks often won’t show anything unusual, when they do, they can save your life.

Among other things, you can also consult with the dentist on a variety of things related to your dental health. If you make it a point to visit your dentist regularly, you’ll be putting yourself in a better position to enjoy optimal dental and general health.

You can start your change right away. For more information on your dental health, contact Dr. Norman and her dream team at 425-366-7983.