Dr. Norman’s Path to Dentistry

Dr. Norman knew early on that she wanted to be a dentist. In fact, she remembers knowing as early as the fourth grade that dentistry was her calling. As soon as she was old enough for a job, at 16, she began working in dentistry. She got into dental school without even needing her undergraduate degree because she already knew so much about dentistry.

What Inspired Her to Become a Dentist? 

One of the things that inspired her to become a dentist was an encounter with one of her own childhood dentists. Even at her young age, she could tell he hated his job. It made the experience for her and the other patients she observed a negative one. She knew right then that she could bring love and attention to her own practice and patients one day.

What Does She Love Most About Dentistry? 

Dr. Norman’s favorite part of getting to be a dentist is that each and every day she gets to help change lives. She describes an ideal day as one that has more peaks than valleys – and every day that she gets to practice dentistry and help others is a day with more peaks than valleys for her.

What Makes Her Different from Other Dentists? 

There are so many things that set Dr. Norman apart from other dentists, but one of the most loved things about her is her warm disposition and the work she puts into making her office feel like home. The staff bakes bread each morning to give a comforting aroma to the entire office. The rooms are temperature controlled, and patients who are normally cold are provided with blankets. When patients arrive, their music playlist is ready to help them relax during their appointment, and their chart has been reviewed before they even left their house.

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