Eating Sandwiches with Braces?

​When you get braces, you can expect some adjustments to your diet. It can be a challenge knowing which foods are braces-friendly – and which ones are not. One of the top questions people ask when they get braces is whether they can eat their favorite foods with braces.

Today, let’s talk about whether sandwiches are a good food choice when you have braces.

The good news is you can enjoy your favorite sandwiches even while wearing braces – but with a few caveats.

You may want to avoid things like baguettes and seeded bread. Baguettes are hard and crispy and may do damage to the brackets. Seeds can get lodged within braces, which can be annoying and hard to get out. You’ll want to also steer clear of colored fillings, especially when you have clear elastics. Beetroot and other similar brightly colored sandwich toppings can stain your braces. Your best bet is soft bread with cheese, lunch meat or egg, and mayonnaise fillings.

After you’re done with your favorite sandwich, be sure you have a toothbrush on hand to clean your mouth. If that’s not possible, a good rinse of water will do. This will help you clean the braces after eating and keep food from becoming trapped in the brackets.

There are certain foods you can and cannot eat with dental braces. Bananas, yogurt, cheese, grapes, melons, mashed potatoes and the likes are good for braces. You’ll have to avoid biting firmly into hard foods, and you’ll want to cut and break up hard foods like thin-crust pizza, raw veggies, hard rolls, meat and similar things. You’ll also want to avoid hard, chewy and sticky foods like candy, nuts and gum completely.

Dental braces and retainers will help you align and straighten your teeth. But, they have to be well taken care of – and what you eat with your braces on will play a major role.

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