How About Full-Mouth Dental Implants?

​Losing all your teeth can be downright awful and embarrassing. While this is not exactly common, trauma, accidents, infections and aging can cause it to happen. If you have to experience this discomfort in Everett, Washington, or the surrounding areas, you can count on Dr. Norman and the Dream Smile team for full-mouth dental implants, among other treatments. You can get dental implants to replace your natural teeth as well as the root.

Dental Implants vs Dentures

There are many teeth-replacement options out there, but only a few come close to the stability and comfort offered by dental implants. Compared to dentures, dental implants will perfectly replace your natural teeth and guarantee more longevity.

They are a lot more comfortable and stable compared to dentures and will help you bite and chew naturally. While dentures can cause the tooth roots to reabsorb and deteriorate after awhile, dental implants will keep the bone healthy since they are integrated into the jawbone.

How Implants Are Placed for Tooth Restoration

The process usually starts with implants being placed into your jaw to bond with the jawbone over the next two to six months. This process is needed so the implants can form anchors for your artificial teeth. You can wear a temporary tooth-replacement option over the implant sites during this period.

The second step involves uncovering the implants and attaching the extensions. There are implant systems that do not require the second step if they already have the extensions attached. Your dental professional will determine which of these systems suits you best.

Dental Implants in Everett

Getting full-mouth dental implants in Everett, Washington, will easily restore the beauty of your smile – and your confidence! Your ability to chew and speak will be made as natural as possible.

But every individual case is different. If you ever experience tooth loss in Everett, Washington, and the surrounding areas, schedule a visit or contact Dr. Norman and the Dream Smile team at 425-366-7983 to get started with your treatment and restoration plan.