How to Choose the Right Tools for Teeth

Walking down the toothbrush aisle at your local supermarket can often create feelings of anxiety due to the overwhelming number of products being marketed. There’s no need to stress. We can help you decide which tools are best for you so you can be prepared next time you go shopping. 


If you’ve ever stood in the oral care aisle of any store, you know just how overwhelming the toothbrush selection can be. There are all different shapes, sizes, colors and bristle textures to choose from, not to mention all the special wording about “whitening,” “tongue cleaning,” “hard-to-reach places” and more that each packaging boldly proclaims. You probably have started just grabbing one and running because there are just too many choices. However, it’s important to consider a few things when choosing your brush. 

Although brushes are sold with soft, medium and hard bristles, Dr. Norman recommends always choosing soft-bristled brushes to protect the enamel on your teeth and to protect your sensitive gums from damage. When it comes to the type of handle and the shape of the head, it’s all about trial and error to find out which suits you best. The last thing to seriously consider is whether you want an electric or a manual brush. Some research has shown that electric toothbrushes are more successful at removing plaque and are a great option for those with arthritis or other joint concerns. 


When it comes to regular floss, choosing between waxed and unwaxed is a personal preference along with deciding on a flavor such as mint or an unflavored variety. However, if you hate flossing or just hate regular dental floss, you have some options! There are a wide variety of floss alternatives such as floss picks, water flossers and even air flossers now.  It’s really a process of finding out which method you prefer that makes it easier for you to consistently floss each and every day, as that is one of the main pillars of oral health. 


Choosing a mouthwash is relatively simple in comparison to choosing a brush or flossing tool. First, decide on a flavor. Then, take into consideration which aspect of oral health you feel like you’re struggling with the most. If you suffer from dry mouth or gum disease, there are mouthwashes designed just for those ailments. 

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