Start Retirement With a New, Improved Mouth

When you reach the age where you start thinking about retirement, you may think about the relaxation and extra time for travel, spending time with family and pursuing favorite hobbies. One thing you’re probably not thinking about is dental care — and how a lifetime of dental care, likely with different dentists, may have left you with mismatched teeth and an imperfect bite.  

Gold crowns, white crowns, silver fillings: nothing matches. What’s more, each time work is done, your bite may be affected. Over time, after years of dental work, the bite can become shorter, making you appear older than you really are.

Many patients choose to have mouth reconstruction done before retirement so they can look and feel their best as they enter a new phase in life. In addition, this reconstruction ensures 90 percent of their dentistry is taken care of for the rest of their life, so when they retire, they don’t need to spend a lot of money or time on their teeth.

During the mouth reconstruction process, Dr. Amy Norman, DDS, will plan ahead to find the perfect bite for your mouth and build your dentistry to match in form, function and appearance with your bite. Finding the optimal height for your bite can be life changing and can even make it look as though you’ve had a face lift. Patients sometimes even bring photos from when they were younger, even school-aged, and Dr. Norman will work to get their smile back to those youthful days.

If you are beginning to think about retirement and want to learn more about the reconstruction process, call us today for more information.