The Importance of a Wheelchair-Accessible Dental Practice

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly one in five Americans suffers from some form of disability and 3.6 million people over the age of 15 use a wheelchair to assist them with mobility. There are many challenges those who are confined to a wheelchair face when it comes to their daily lives, but one area that many people forget about is dental visits.

Most dental offices may be equipped for a wheelchair to safely travel from the parking lot, up a ramp and into the office. Most dental offices may be equipped for a wheelchair to navigate the halls and find space in the waiting room. But, what most dental offices don’t have are wheelchair-accessible exam rooms.

Patients with disabilities have always been extremely important to Dr. Norman, and providing the best care possible for all patients is at the core of all we do here. That’s why we offer wheelchair-accessible rooms in our practice where the patient never has to leave their chair throughout the duration of their appointment. Patients who are wheelchair bound can stay comfortably in their chair for their exam or treatment.

In many cases, patients in wheelchairs avoid dental appointments and receiving the oral care they need and deserve due to the lack of dental offices that can provide the support they need to be comfortable throughout the entire appointment. Transferring from the wheelchair to an exam chair can be not only uncomfortable, but also sometimes painful, depending on the patient’s condition. Dental exam chairs offer little support and stability for those who may struggle with muscle control, and trying to remain in a stable position in the exam chair can be both frustrating and uncomfortable for the patient.

If you or a loved one is wheelchair bound and looking for a dental home that can provide support, please give us a call today at (425) 374-1608.