Tips for the Perfect Holiday Pictures

​It seems like the holidays are the most popular time of the year for photos. Everything from family photos, couple photos and even selfies abound this time of year. Maybe it’s because everyone is in a festive mood, or maybe it’s because everyone comes from near and far to spend the holidays together. Whatever your reason, photos last forever, so it’s important to feel your best so you can look your best! Here are a few things to consider when taking your holiday photos so you can make them the best yet:

The Outfit

Are you taking family or couple photos? If so, coordinating outfits perfectly is a must! It’s important not to match exactly as it comes across as too planned and unnatural. Instead, focus on a simple color scheme with a pop of color worn by each person in a different way. Don’t forget shoes, too! If you’re wearing heels and he’s in sneakers, it’s definitely going to look off.

The Makeup

Did you know that certain tones of lipstick can make teeth appear whiter or more yellow toned? If you want your teeth to shine, try to stick with cool-toned, blue-based lipstick colors and avoid warm-toned, orange-based ones. If you want a nude color, stick with pinker tones and avoid the peaches and browns. When choosing pink lipstick, look for a berry-toned pink.

The Smile

To make teeth look really amazing in photos, consider a professional whitening treatment. Just one treatment can help make teeth up to eight shades whiter! Some people experience staining over the years due to guilty pleasures like coffee or wine, while others may have genetically inherited teeth that stain more easily.

Our office uses one of the fastest and most affordable teeth-whitening systems called Zoom! Whitening. A gel is placed on the teeth and activated with a light; the entire process takes only an hour.

For more information about teeth whitening or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 425-366-8246.