Toothpaste Pills Are Now a Thing

​Have you heard of toothpaste pills or tablets? In an effort to become more environmentally friendly, several companies have begun producing toothpaste in tablet or pill form, eliminating the waste from plastic tubes and incorporating more natural ingredients. Some are designed to be chewed, while others direct users to use a wet toothbrush to activate the foaming characteristics of the tablet and brush as you would with regular toothpaste. So, what are the benefits of using these toothpaste tabs, and are they better than regular toothpaste?


One of the biggest reasons for the innovation of this product is our society’s relatively new quest to find more sustainable practices, such as product packaging that is 100 percent recyclable. Many companies that manufacture toothpaste pills offer glass bottles or paper packaging that can be recycled or reused completely, eliminating plastic toothpaste tubes that are not biodegradable.

More Sanitary, Less Mess

Some companies suggest that toothpaste pills and tablets are more sanitary than toothpaste because users don’t have to swipe the tube across the bristles of their toothbrush.

Toothpaste tablets are also travel friendly and less messy than traditional toothpaste, making packing for a trip that much easier.


Many brands claim their toothpaste tablets are fluoride free. This can be a benefit or a downside, depending on your feelings about fluoride use. Those who prefer not to brush with fluoride can enjoy having the option when it comes to these new toothpaste products.

Wondering if toothpaste pills and tablets are a better option than traditional toothpaste? The jury is still out for us. Always be sure to talk to Dr. Norman or your dentist when making drastic changes such as using products that have not been labeled with the ADA Seal of Approval or natural, homeopathic products that may not offer all the protection you may need. Dr. Norman can suggest ways to maintain your natural lifestyle choices while still making sure your teeth and mouth are fully protected in the process.

Dr. Norman believes strongly in a serious preventative care routine to protect teeth before problems arise. Your oral care routine is one of the most important parts of your day. For more information about choosing products for your oral hygiene routine or to schedule your twice-a-year professional cleaning and exam, call us today at 425-366-7983.