Ways to Care for Teeth at Home

Besides going through the yearly routine of sitting in the dentist chair to get your teeth cleaned and taken care of, following a good oral hygiene by taking care of your own mouth at home is extremely important. Sometimes, that is easier said than done for many people, and we understand.

Many of us juggle busy schedules. From waking up with a foggy mind, jumping to the coffee pot or tea kettle, and racing out the door to our work life, it can be a hectic rat race. Sometimes it’s difficult to give our teeth the proper care and attention they deserve every morning. We might manage a quick brush or gargle of mouth wash, but that’s not sufficient to keep that gum line infection-free, nor is it ideal for maintaining that white smile we love.

Before long, you could be waking up with not just a fogged brain, but also a screaming toothache or inflamed gums.

So, here are some steps you can take to avoid turning your morning routine into an emergency race to the dentist.

1. Use the Right Products!

If you’ve ever walked down the oral care aisle, you might have been intimidated by the variety of dental products available. In fact, there are so many brands, tools and gadgets, you might now know where to even begin!

For starters, a great rule of thumb is to stick to products with the American Dental Association seal of approval. These dental items have been through a rigorous test, making sure that they do all the things they claim to do.

For example, an ADA product that contains fluoride will state it can be used to prevent tooth decay. By purchasing that ADA product, you can rest assured that that particular product is effective in meeting that need.

So, how does one know a product is ADA approved? It’s simple, just look for the ADA seal!

2. Use the Power of Fluoride!

Using a product that contains fluoride can have a positive impact on the overall well-being of your teeth. The ADA recommends that you use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth twice daily. This will help you prevent gum disease, or periodontitis, from developing. But if you already suffer from gum disease, or the more serious periodontal disease, you will receive different, advanced oral care instructions to follow at home to mitigate damage to your mouth.

When using fluoride toothpaste, be sure to brush each tooth in a circular motion for about fourseconds per tooth. In total, you should be spending two minutes brushing your teeth with a motorized toothbrush, twice daily.

3. Mouthwash: Yay or Nay?

The ADA also recommends that you use a mouthwash that contains fluoride. Just make sure it has the approval seal on it, in order to receive the proper levels of fluoride.

4. Treat Those Teeth to Floss!

It is vital that use floss in your daily oral routine, twice at the most, once at the very least.

5. Watch Your Diet!

You want to incorporate healthy foods into your diet, such as fruits or vegetables, and stay away from food and drinks that are high in sugar. That means ditching the creams in place of greens! Or forgoing that delicious doughnut in place of drinking a healthy, nutritious smoothie.

6. Throw Out the Cigarette Butt or Vaping Product!

That nasty habit of choking on a cigarette or vape pen is a no-brainer for the betterment of your oral health! Tobacco products heighten your chances of gum disease, as well as bone or tooth loss.

So next time you’re worried about your teeth, be sure to revisit this list to make sure you’re doing all you can at home to keep them healthy and your smile happy!