When to See a Periodontist for Gum Disease

​A periodontist is a specialist whose major area of expertise is in treating gum disease and other conditions. While the type or stage of gum disease you’re dealing with would usually determine whether you would need periodontal treatment, there are several reasons why a periodontist would be a better option than a regular dentist for cases of advanced periodontal disease.

Advanced Treatment

Most dentists are easily able to handle the most basic treatment procedures for gum disease. This can include plaque and calculus removal to prevent infections. However, when the disease is in the advanced stages, you should see a specialist. When the periodontal disease advances deep below the gum line, it could result in the formation of infection-filled void pockets between the gums and teeth. Advanced cases like this and cases of gum recession need advanced treatment that can only be provided by a periodontist.

Advanced Gum Cleaning

Dentists can help with regular in-office cleanings, but the severity of your gum disease can mean you need something more. A periodontist may help with more advanced cleaning that may also be more frequent to help prevent recurring infections. You may also need special daily hygiene plans.

A periodontist can also help you develop a long-term plan that will work well for you.

Possible Future Restoration

A periodontist is always the best option if dental restoration is a possibility for you. The periodontist will help prepare your gums and help you repair and restore gum tissues so the restoration can be as beautiful as your natural teeth and gums.

Finally, this may also be needed for other health reasons since gum disease is linked with several other health conditions. These can include cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, among others. With a periodontist, your treatment procedures will be developed with respect to these other health issues.

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