Dental Implants vs Dentures: 3 Reasons Implants Are Better

Losing one or more teeth can cause a wide range of problems. Once a tooth or several teeth are lost, you may find it difficult to eat or chew properly. You may even have problems talking or smiling. These and other issues can make you feel self-conscious and may affect your confidence.

If you’re considering teeth restoration, you’ve got several options, including dental implants and dentures. While both have distinct advantages, dental implants are in most cases the best choice for tooth restoration. In this blog, we compare how they stack up against each other in three important areas.

Natural Feel

When you have to replace a missing tooth, you want something that comes very close to the real thing. In this regard, dental implants are the indisputable champions. Eating, smiling and talking feel very natural with implants. Dentures, on the other hand, may be occasionally dislodged. They can sometimes feel uncomfortable and may take some time to get used to.

Ease of Maintenance

Dentures need to be replaced every five to seven years. Cleaning them is also a bit challenging, unlike dental implants that only require the same care as your natural teeth to last you a lifetime.

Jawbone Protection

Dental implant posts are made from titanium and are very strong and durable. They also offer the jawbone additional protection to prevent further deterioration. Dentures, on the other hand, do not have such benefit and do not protect the jawbone in any way.

Dr. Norman believes dental implants are the best teeth-restoration option and are heads and shoulder above dentures when it comes to durability, natural feel and ease of maintenance, among other benefits. While dental implants cost significantly more, it’s often a one-time investment that won’t need constant upkeep. Thus, they are even more cost-effective when you factor in the future.

If you’re contemplating getting dental implants, Dr. Norman and the experienced team at Dream Smile will help you through the procedure.

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